How To Download Images From Instagram?

Sometimes, you may need to download Instagram photos onto your phone or computer. You might have uploaded a photo to Instagram, deleted it by accident, or lost the device where the image was stored.

You’d have noticed if you tried to download a specific Instagram photo from your feed that it wasn’t possible. Copyright protection is the reason. Most people download pictures only for their personal use.

So, if you also want to know how to download Images From Instagram, then you should have read this article at the end, then only you can easily download any media from any Instagram account.

How To Download Images From Instagram on Android With Browser

If you want to download any Instagram photo or video with just your android phone browser, then there is a website called DownloadGram. This allows you to put the links you require into a website and then download the results. Here are the steps:

Open Instagram on your phone and search for the image you wish to download.
Tap the icon (three vertical dots) above the image.
Then there is an option called “Copy.” Just click on it to copy the URL.
Open your phone’s browser and then open DownloadGram’s website at
Copy the link to the text box by long-pressing and then tap “Paste.”
Then you have to click on the button, namely “Download.”
How To Download Images From Instagram on Android With FAST SAVE App
You can download images from Instagram using the second method. This requires a little help from Google Play Store. To download the FastSave app for Instagram, you will need to search it and add it to your device. The FAST SAVE android application is entirely free of cost to download. The process of downloading the media from Instagram is the same as I told you in the first method which is with DOWNLOADGRAM.

Although FastSave for Instagram doesn’t allow you to download multiple images simultaneously, it is much faster than the other methods. This is the best option if you intend to download many images from the social network.

Firstly, you have to download and install an application, namely “FastSave for Instagram,” from the Play Store or any app store.
Start the app and turn on FastSave Service. Then there, you will get an option called “Open Instagram” click on that.
Click the icon to the right of the image (three vertical dots) and download it.
To save the image to your device, choose the “Copy link” option.
You can view the images you have downloaded in your gallery and within the FastSave for the Instagram app.

Final Words

So, I hope these methods will help you download any photos or even videos from any Instagram account easily on your android phone. You can also use the first method on your desktop or pc to download images from Instagram.

But always make sure you don’t use anyone’s photos or videos on Instagram for wrong use or illegal use. Both the methods are free and can be used on any device. So, now it’s your turn to follow the steps and download whatever you want from Instagram.


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