How to Use Social Media Platforms Without showing your Online Status ?

Facing unnecessary Texts and Requests from social platforms is a common annoying issue these days. People Don’t want to expose their online status to other persons so they can stay online without facing any problems. But not all apps have options to hide your presence, So you need an external app to be installed on your android phone. Luckily we have that working app in ourĀ play store, So you don’t need to worry about searching and downloading that app.

That App is Exactly called ‘ Unseen ‘, Yes precisely what you need to do on your phone. You can be Unseen on social media platforms without having any trouble.

App Features

This app is user-friendly and has a simple user interface. If you are using WhatsApp, you can do many things with this app.

1. You can easily hide your last seen.

2. You can have the freedom to choose to show the blue ticks on WhatsApp.

3. You can read all messages in incognito mode, so they never know that you are reading their message that will let you reply in your free time.

This will be used around WhatsApp, Viber, and Fb Messenger apps. You can hide your last seen in messenger. Another good option is to choose the app and choose which contact to include in your hiding list. Sounds great, is that correct? There are many more opportunities like this to be explored by you, So you need to install this app and try it on your own.

How App Works

Download the app from the link at the end of the article. After you successfully install the app, you need to give some permission to this app to work correctly. The necessary permissions are,




These are important permissions that you need to be given to the app. After you successfully opened the app so you can see the all notification in the interface that they are given in the app.

Every notification will be saved there so you can be invisible.

Download FromĀ Here.

APP Version Details

This app is easier to find in the play store. This app has 3 Million Downloads in the play store that you can Download without any doubt. It has a good amount of rating 4.3 itself.

The last version was updated on 7 Feb 2020 and had been working fine. This update had Some performance improvements and speed increases compared to previous versions. Some minor bugs were also fixed.

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