How To Recover Deleted Call History From Your Android Device

Call Logs Backup&Recovery

Everyone loves to have a backup of the call logs from their phones. Usually, you can’t hold all the call log records on the phone, but we can have the android app to do that work for us. It was a bit easy thing to do if you are using this Android app to get your call log backup, and then you can do the same to restore the backup contents.

We can’t exclude the recovery of call logs that we deleted or automatically deleted from the phone in the recovery segment. It is a Play Store application and quickly downloads from that Google Play Store.

So there is no such a pre-loaded option in our phones to have the all-call log details, but there is a solution in this Play Store application. As I said, you can download this app and easily backup your call logs and recover them or restore them when you need. You don’t need to spend any money on this too, and this is free as well.

Features of this play Store application

After you install this app, you will see the many options.

You can backup the content separately as you like. You can backup your SMS or Specific contact log.

After you choose what you need to backup, you can create the backup in several formats as well, and It could be on pdf or XML Backup.

If you want to take out the printout, then you can go for a pdf that will help you for sure.

You can have that file and take the printout anywhere you need.

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Another type is an XML file, and This is app related backup, so you need an app to restore.

One more good option is choosing the date between, where you need to see the call logs.

So you don’t need to restore everything to see one day.

There are many great features available in this app, so you need to install them first to know exactly what they are.

You can search by the name E2PDF in the play store

Or You can download it from here.

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